About Creative City Project

The Creative City Project is birthed out of the belief that artists can change a city for the better by making it a more beautiful, meaningful and interesting place to live.

We are a collective of artists, who seek to create shared experiences between artists and people who live, work, play in and visit Orlando.

We see the blank spaces in our city – whether the wall of a building, a street corner or a public park – as canvases for creation. Some of our works only exist for the moment they are performed, and some live on as permanent contributions.

Some of the things we believe are :
  • Artists have the power to change and create environments. That means artist can help shape Orlando to be a more creative city.
  • Artists are society’s risk takers and are looked to to bring about cultural change. That means artists have a platform to make Orlando a more creative city.
  • People view a city differently when they have shared experiences. That means that artist have an opportunity to create positive shared experiences.
  • We all – both artists and citizens in the city of Orlando – benefit from an increased artistic climate.
So, we invite artists in the Central Florida Area (or those visiting us) to ask “what do I have to contribute?” And then, give as little as one day a year to help make our city more creative and a better place to live.

The Creative City Project started as the dream of Orlando local, Cole NeSmith. In March of 2012, the Creative City Project was unveiled to a group of over 30 individuals from Orlando Arts, Cultural, Government and Business Organizations.

Cole is a writer, musician, speaker, actor and artist.
He wrote and co-produced “Connected : An Interactive Experience” which premiered at the Orlando International Fringe Festival in May 2012.
Cole owns Uncover The Color, a company that  creates interactive art pieces, tactile metaphors and immersive experience for conferences and events.
He formerly played music with the band, Monochromatic. And he writes for various national online and print publications in the areas of art and leadership.Terry Olson is a local actor, improviser and director of Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs. Terry was one of the original founders of SAK Comedy Lab.

Lindsay Janssen works for Full Sail University and is in the role of project manager for the Creative City Project.
This project was partially supported by the generosity of the Downtown Development Board.